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Great Nashville Snow of 2016

Nashville Snow 2016

Like many in Nashville I went to bed on Thursday night expecting to awake to a lot of ice with a little dusting of snow. I knew MNPS would be closed for the day, but I completely expected to drive into work at my normal time.

When I awoke on Friday, I was excited to see inches of snow. Like any good Southerner I ran outside and took as many photos I could. I completely expected the snow to be melted by that afternoon. But, it didn’t. The snow just kept coming and coming. All morning and all afternoon it kept accumulating. By the time I went to bed on Friday, we were sitting at six to seven inches.

This morning I awoke to even more snow. The NWS is saying we have around eight inches and that sounds about right to me. I took an opportunity to walk around the street and look at all the wintry beauty around me. The roads are a sheet of ice, but everything is silent and calm.

Below are the pictures I’ve taken of the snow over the last few days for those interested. — I don’t want to be that guy that floods everyone’s Twitter feed with snow pictures. Y’all got windows and can see it as well as I can. — I’ll keep adding photos as the weekend progresses, so keep checking back if you’re interested.

Stay safe, stay warm, and for the sake of those who actually need to be on the roads — medical professionals, emergency workers, public service workers, etc. — please stay off those roads!

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