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Sea Walls: haud responsalis sed peccator

Recently I saw a call for more people in enterprise IT to start blogging. Following that call, I’ll offer some reflections. The foundation of a healthy IT culture in the enterprise starts with IT leadership and, especially, front-line IT management focusing on building a great working environment for developers. If developers are overextended, overworked, are not able to innovate, and are not given the dedicated time needed to solve problems, there is no hope for the transformation of corporate IT. Read more...

Posted: Tue, May 29, 2018, Words: ~600, Reading Time: 3 min

Charlottesville: Southern Identity in Whom?

The Arnold’s have been in Tennessee since the early part of the 19th century. On my mother’s side, the Harts have been in North America two or three generations before that and in Tennessee just as long. My family proudly fought in the Army of Tennessee during the American Civil War and continues to live in Tennessee and Northern Alabama’s Tennessee Valley to this day. My roots in Tennessee and the US American South run deep. Read more...

Posted: Sun, Aug 13, 2017, Words: ~1000, Reading Time: 5 min

Analysation of Chapter Six in Cannibals All!

Nota Bene: This essay was written my second semester of university. In this time I wasn’t a Christian and hadn’t been exposed to many different ideas and cultures. 2018 Michael would have written a very different essay. That being said, 2003 Michael is still worth studying. 2003 Michaels still exist in the South. I am proof they are willing and able to enter into discourse and change their minds if we give them the chance. Read more...

Posted: Wed, Dec 10, 2003, Words: ~1100, Reading Time: 5 min