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Etwas über Huntsville

Huntsville, Alabama ist eine bekannte Stadt im Staat Alabama in den Verinigiten Staaten von Amerika. Huntsville ist nicht weit von Nashville, Tennessee. Huntsville hat viele Festivals. Das große Festival ist der Big Spring Jam im September. Huntsvilles Bevölkerung die ist um 200.000 Leute. Wir sind nicht zu groß und nicht zu klein. In Huntsville haben wir auch das U.S. Space and Rocket Center Es ist sehr cool und hat viele Raketen. Read more...

Posted: Tue, Aug 21, 2001, Words: ~100, Reading Time: 1 min

Etwas über Mich

Grüß dich. Ich heiße Michael Arnold und ich bin siebzehn Jahre alt. Ich wohne in Huntsville, Alabama und gehe zur Grissom High School. Schule macht Spaß aber manchmal ist es langweilig. Ich haba mathematik nicht gern. Mathe ist zu schwer und hat so viele Hausaufgaben. Mein Lieblingsfach ist Deutsch. Ich bekomme immer eine gute Note in Deutsch. Meine Familie ist sehr nett. Wir haben eine Hund. Der heißt Benjamin. Er ist sehr klug. Read more...

Posted: Mon, Apr 2, 2001, Words: ~200, Reading Time: 1 min

The 60s and 70s Decades

The person whom I interviewed was Bethel Hart, my grandmother. She is about 65-years-old and has lived in Winchester, Tennessee for all of her life. When I asked Granny Hart if she would mind getting interviewed she said that I should interview someone else because she wouldn’t remember anything. I told her that was the exact reason I was interviewing her. Last time when I interviewed Granddad Arnold he remembered too much and I had to do allot of writing. Read more...

Posted: Sun, Mar 4, 2001, Words: ~700, Reading Time: 4 min

The Autobiography of Michael Arnold

On December 1, 1983, an amazing event happened; an event that would someday affect the outcome of this world. This event, or rather a miracle, was me, Michael Wayne Arnold. I was born to two loving parents, Joy and Ken, in the Republic of Panama. My parents were living there because my father was in the US Army and we were stationed there. After I was born we stayed in Panama for about another six months. Read more...

Posted: Mon, Aug 21, 2000, Words: ~700, Reading Time: 3 min

Airbag Safety

In the last few years people in the United States have been hearing a lot about airbags. A few years ago some news sources said that airbags were safe only for a small percentage of the population. Other news sources said that airbags were safe for a large percent of the population and that they should be required in all new vehicles sold in this country. In 1997, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced that it would allow some car-drivers to “disconnect” their airbags as long as they meet the certain criteria to buy the shutoff switch (air bag 1). Read more...

Posted: Sat, May 1, 1999, Words: ~800, Reading Time: 4 min