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The Chickens Survived

At my church back in Huntsville there's a story that everyone likes totell. It's the story of the weekend that, as the church newsletterwould later report, "only the chickens survived." It all begins like this: our scoutmaster was the ex-military type. Heliked doing things the Army way and treated us boys like troops. I wasfourteen at the time and, like so many others, was only at scoutsbecause my parents made me. Read more...

Posted: Wed, Oct 23, 2002, Words: ~2000, Reading Time: 10 min

Nature's Peaceful World of Wonders

Not too long ago I found something that would change the way that I thought about this campus. It was the first Sunday of college. The air was cooling as the sun slowly crept behind the horizon to visit her friends on the other side of the globe. I was slowly walking through campus letting my curiosity lead me to whatever adventure lay ahead. If only I had known what I was about to find, I might have walked a little faster. Read more...

Posted: Wed, Sep 25, 2002, Words: ~1100, Reading Time: 5 min