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Sublime Notes on iOS via Editorial

Switching to plain-text notes using the Sublime Note package was a huge boon to my daily productivity. Not only was Sublime Text more stable than the previous alternatives, it used less memory, was easier to search thanks to Alfred/Spotlight, and — when paired with Dropbox — synched quickly across all of my devices.

My only problem was my inability to easily edit notes on my iPad. Yes, I could take my MacBook Air with me from meeting to meeting, but thanks to my Microsoft Universal Keyboard I was now too spoiled by my small and light iPad mini + keyboard setup. I needed an iOS plain text editor that synched with Dropbox.

Editorial by OMZ software fit the bill and with its templating and Python scripting system gave me so much more than I even bargained for. With Editorial not only can I access and edit my Sublime Text notes stored on Dropbox, but I can create new notes using the same template I use on my Macs.

All I needed to do was create a new template called Note Template and populate it with the below.

With the above template, I can create notes just like I’m at my desk and know they are reliably and instantly synched via Dropbox to all of my devices. Further, search in Editorial is pretty good, so it’s even an okay Alfred/Spotlight replacement for when I’m on the move.

With Editorial, Sublime Text, and Dropbox I can create, edit, and search my important notes on the move and at my desk. Whether Macintosh, iPad, or iPhone I can seamlessly access my notes without any of the synchronization delays of Evernote or OneNote. You just can’t beat plain-text.