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Überliste of Technology & Theology

Thu, Jul 27, 2017

The future is an amazing place to live. Things I wanted as a kid – iMacs, Newtons, etc. – are now affordable. Things an orthodox Wesleyan-Anglican would want to read are out of print and cost a few dollars when they can be found. New cool projects are popping up on Kickstarter all the time and they, too, are affordable.

I’ve long kept of list of interesting books and technology on my public wishlist on Amazon, but Amazon – despite claims to the contrary – doesn’t carry everything. Below I keep track of cool and exciting theology and technology products I find as I wind my way through divinity school and the Internet.

A more exhaustive list of sites, projects, articles, etc. that I find interesting can be found on my Pinboard profile.





Casual/Entertaining Books

Theological Books

Theological Commentaries