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Automate Slack Status with IFTTT

Recently I came across the need to automatically update my status in Slack. I have class Monday and Tuesday afternoons/evenings which requires me to leave work a little early. As I’m often rushed, I don’t always remember to set my status. This has, at times, left my team waiting on a response to a message I won’t see for a few hours.

Luckily, using Slack’s legacy tokens and following the guidance of Made by Munsters I was able to use IFTTT to quickly automate the updating of my Slack status.

1. Setup a New Time Trigger

First, I setup a new date or time trigger.

Setup a New Time Trigger

2. Select the Webhooks Action

Then, I select the webhooks action. (This was previously called the “Maker Webhook Recipe.")

Select the Webhooks Action

3. Select the Web Request Action

After that, I select the web request action. This is where I’ll hook IFTTT up to the Slack REST API.

Select the Web Request Action

4. Post to the Slack API

Using the API token you registered for with Slack, post to the end point. The JSON appended to the URL sets the test of your status as well as your status emjoi.

That’s it! You have a IFTTT automation that will automatically set your Slack status at a given time.

Post to the Slack API