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The Autobiography of Michael Arnold

On December 1, 1983, an amazing event happened; an event that would someday affect the outcome of this world. This event, or rather a miracle, was me, Michael Wayne Arnold.

I was born to two loving parents, Joy and Ken, in the Republic of Panama. My parents were living there because my father was in the US Army and we were stationed there. After I was born we stayed in Panama for about another six months. In the summer of 1984 my mother, father, and I were racing into a plane so that we could get out of a tropical paradise gone bad. A few hours and airports later we were at or new home, Fort Benning, Georgia. We would live at Fort Benning for about a year and two months. During this time I would learn to talk, walk, eat with utensils, and many other things that new babies learn. From Fort Benning we moved to Fort Cambell, Kentucky. For Cambell is where my younger brother Matthew was born on November 14, 1986. From this dat on my life would be completely changed. I was no longer an only child; I would have to learn what it means to be a big brother. After about three years of living in Kentucky we moved to my mother’s hometown of Winchester, Tennessee. We moved to Winchester for two reasons. The first reason was that my mother was pregnant with the third and last addition to the Arnold family. Secondly, my father was going to California to learn a different language, Dutch, so that he could become a foreign area officer. On September 17, 1988, a month after my dad left, Jason was born. After about only nine months we moved once again; ironically, we moved back to Fort Benning, Georgia where it all began some eight years earlier. Fort Benning is where I would start something that would take a lifetime to complete, my education.

My elementary years were all but normal. I started Kindergarten at Dexter Elementary School, but I wouldn’t go up to fifth there. My dad got out of the Army in 1989, but we still continued to move. We moved from Fort Benning to Bud Lake, New Jersey in the summer of 1990. In New Jersey I went to Sand Shore Elementary School. Living in New Jersey turned out to be one of my family’s worst experiences. We were miles away from family and friends and we hated it. When my dad’s company moved him to Huntsville in 1991 we were all very excited. Shortly after moving to Huntsville we bought a house at 13303 Hyde Park and we are still living there to this day. From the third to the fifth grades I went to Farely Elementary School and the went up the Challenger Middle School for grade six to eight. That brings things up to the present. I’ve been going to Grissom High School since August of 1998 and am currently a Junior.

In the far and near future years of my life I plan to do many things. Immediately I plan to graduate from Grissom and go on to college. From college I plan to move to Germany or Austria and either get into business law or into the computer electronics field. Other than those major goals, my future is pretty much undecided. I’ll just see what happens and make my plans then.

As you can see I don’t really have all that exciting of a life. I’ve spent most of my life right here in Huntsville, Alabama doing average everyday things. Sure I’ve moved around a lot, but most of it was before I could remember. In conclusion I guess this is just the life of Michael Wayne Arnold.