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Essay in Answer to ¶310,2a UMC Discipline 2012

The path to ministry God set before me was indeed mysterious, but now – looking back – clear and obvious. God in his mercy saved me from the dark, uncertain lands of my youth. He offered me his only son, Jesus Christ, and filled me with his Holy Spirit. He nurtured me through his Holy Word and the saints of his Church. The joy in my life is now totally incomprehensible to my old self. Read more...

Posted: Tue, Oct 14, 2014, Words: ~1600, Reading Time: 8 min

Understanding McKendree United Methodist Church

Introduction McKendree United Methodist Church[1] has an imposing edifice that hides her true character. From the street she looks like the typical old-fashioned downtown church with an aging congregation. From the outside, no life or living ministry is expected to be found inside. However, if one takes a moment to step inside the 100 year old sanctuary one will find a missional congregation that reflects both the history of the 226 years and the ecology of a diverse, vibrant, and growing downtown community. Read more...

Posted: Sun, Jul 14, 2013, Words: ~4800, Reading Time: 23 min