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The 60s and 70s Decades

The person whom I interviewed was Bethel Hart, my grandmother. She is about 65-years-old and has lived in Winchester, Tennessee for all of her life. When I asked Granny Hart if she would mind getting interviewed she said that I should interview someone else because she wouldn’t remember anything. I told her that was the exact reason I was interviewing her. Last time when I interviewed Granddad Arnold he remembered too much and I had to do allot of writing. Read more...

Posted: Sun, Mar 4, 2001, Words: ~700, Reading Time: 4 min

Africans in America

The first Africans in America landed at Jamestown, VA in 1619. There were about 20 or so. These Africans had been on a ship bound for the Indies when the ship was robbed. The thieves carried their hostages to the shores of America and traded them for food. They became Indentured Servants to the people that accepted them in exchange for the food. They were servants for a few years then given their freedom. Read more...

Posted: Wed, Mar 2, 1994, Words: ~300, Reading Time: 2 min